Streamlining pediatric heart murmur care

We bring intelligent murmur recognition to the point of care for every corner of the world.

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About a million children see a pediatric cardiologist for innocent heart murmur per year in the US alone.

StethAid empowers pediatricians to analyze murmurs accurately using their smartphone.

Fewer unnecessary pediatric cardiologist referrals means healthcare cost savings and less anxiety to families.



  • September 2017 – Washington Business Journal Honoree.
  • April 2017 – Recognized and supported by Atlantic Pediatric Device Consortium.
  • March 2017 – Recognized by MedCity News.
  • September 2016 - Received NIH SBIR phase I grant


Automated Identification of Innocent Still's Murmur in Children

We developed an accurate segmentation algorithm to locate the first and the second heart sounds. Once these sounds were identified, we extracted signal features specific to Still's murmur. Subsequently, machine learning-based classifiers, artificial neural network and support vector machine, were used to identify Still's murmur.

Apparatus and method for detecting heart murmurs

Discussed herein are an apparatus and a corresponding method for classifying a murmur detected in a heart signal as a Still's murmur. Circuitry included in the apparatus segments a heart signal to detect a first lobe (S1) and a second lobe (S2) of the heart signal.

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