A Children's National Startup

Enabling pediatricians to identify innocent heart murmurs


StethAid brings intelligent heart murmur identification from specialist (pediatric cardiology) offices to the primary care offices. Our digital auscultation platform enables easy recording and cloud-based storage and sharing of heart sounds using a mobile app. Embedded in the app are clinically validated artificial intelligent (AI) algorithms that help identify innocent Still’s murmur with cardiologist-level accuracy at the point of recording.    

In the United States, approximately half a million children with innocent Still’s murmurs are referred to pediatric cardiologists per year. These referrals and associated tests are medically unnecessary and avoidable. As a decision support system, StethAid helps reduce such referrals and avoid the anxiety, inconvenience, and cost associated with them.   



AusculTech Dx is a Children’s National Medical Center spin-off working on translating and commercializing computerized auscultation analysis research. Entrepreneurs and inventors, who have translated novel technologies developed in academia to FDA-cleared products, make up the founding team. 


Raj Shekhar, PhD, CEO and CTO


Robin Doroshow, MD, CMO


Ravi Ambati, Director, Product Engineering


Titus John, Director, Operations



April 2019 – AusculTech Dx receives STTR Phase II award

AusculTech Dx received STTR Phase II award from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). This award will support further development of the StethAid hardware and software and a multi-center trial of the developed technology.

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September 2017 - AusculTech DX wins Washington Business Journal 2017 Innovation Award

The Washington Business Journal’s annual Innovation Awards honor Greater Washington companies on the cutting edge in technology. AusculTech DX was one of the 15 honorees selected for the 2017 Innovation Award.

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March 2017 – MedCityNews Profiles AusculTech Dx

MedCityNews, an online news publication with focus on healthcare business, profiles AusculTech Dx. The article includes an interview with Robin Doroshow, MD, Founder and Chief Medical Officer of AusculTech Dx, who discusses the clinical problem and the company’s technology solution to address the problem.    

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September 2016 - AuscultTech Dx receives STTR Phase I award

AusculTech Dx receives STTR Phase II award from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). This award supports demonstrating the technical feasibility of the planned StethAid platform.  

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July 2015 – Atlantic Pediatric Device Consortium Funding Atlantic Pediatric Device Consortium

(APDC) is an FDA-funded Consortium that funds, seeds and promotes promising early-stage pediatric devices. The Consortium recognized the potential of Project StethAid and selected it for its seed funding through a competitive two-step process.   

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